The Technology That Could Change the Way You Hike

Hiking is a gloriously simple activity, but that doesn't mean that there isn't room for improvement. These five products, including waterproof cell phones and rescue-ready drones, could make you look at backpacking in a different light.

Aug 8, 2013
Outside Magazine
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The CineStar 8 drone from Freefly Systems.    Photo: Hugh Bell/Freefly Systems

Backpacking and high tech don’t always go hand in hand. All you need are a pair of hiking boots, a sturdy pack and a mind ready to revel in nature. But if you believe manufacturers, a little bit of tech can make the whole experience a lot more interesting

From super-lightweight fabrics to sunscreen you can swallow, we’ve highlighted a few innovative ideas that could change the way you spend time in the backcountry.

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