How to Get Your Expedition Funded

A guide to getting the right people interested in your plan

Aug 29, 2013
Outside Magazine
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The best expeditions are the result of people succeeding at grand schemes they were told were impossible. While the end goal has an important space in dreams, pretty much every expedition has one very real hurdle that can't be dismissed: money. Expeditions cost money, often a lot of money, and you need to be realistic in order to get your hands on enough of it to succeed.

Whitewater expedition photographer Darin McQuiod has had sponsors help send him to Africa, India, Japan, and Europe in the past five years. These trips are testaments to his ability to secure funding because of their far reach, as well as the fact that whitewater kayaking as an industry doesn't fund as many trips as it's wealthier outdoor siblings like cycling or mountaineering. We caught up with McQuoid after a trip to Corsica and asked him for some realistic tips on how to get expeditions funded.

Build a Portfolio
Build Relationships
Define Your Value

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