Funding Your Expedition: Define Your Value

A guide to getting the right people interested in your plan

Aug 29, 2013
Outside Magazine
hucking waterfall kayaking japan

   Photo: Darin McQuiod

His final tip is potentially the most important, and might make you the least comfortable because it feels the most like a business transaction. Clearly define the value of your expedition to your sponsor. "They have to see it as a good return on their investment," says McQuiod. Think of toning back the scale of your expedition if you are having trouble getting funded, because a smaller investment demands less of a return.

Talking about networking, assets, and ROI can feel really incongruous with your dreams of summiting remote peaks or bagging steep first descents in a river canyon. But, if you are willing take care of business and get your expedition funded now, there'll be plenty of time for soul when you're there.

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