The Grand Canyon: Rent Your Gear

Conquer the canyon with this handy guide

Aug 30, 2013
Outside Magazine
gear grand canyon hiking

   Photo: Galyna Andrushko/

Pro River Outfitter's Painless Private rental package takes care of every specific piece of gear for this very specific river trip. They even freeze their own ice to guarantee that is the longest lasting ice in the Grand Canyon. Rental prices vary based on many variables, but a 16-person, 16-day trip with four boats costs about $1,000 per person.

While this estimate seems expensive, if spread that out over the course of sixteen days it works out about $60 per person, per day. Three-year Grand Canyon guide Saylor Flett took a private trip last summer and rented all of his gear. He made his case for the decision clearly, "They give you brand new, clean, toilets in the beginning of your trip," Flett says. "At the end you give them full toilets and do not have to think about them again."