Autumn’s Best Harvest to Table
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Jaw-dropping fall drives that lead to drool-inducing DIY dishes

Sep 11, 2013
Outside Magazine
Fall harvest to table

Clockwise: apples; green chiles; black walnuts; squid    Photo: via Shutterstock

Sure, apples are standard u-pick fare, but we’ve also gone a bit off the farm with this list. Why squid? We picked it for the thrill of it, for some varied autumn texture and flavor, because an outstanding chef said he’d offer us an exclusive recipe, and as an ode to our favorite forager and gourmand, Steven Rinella. After all, the draw to local food is not just knowing where it comes from, but actually being where it is so you can search it, pluck it, pull it, and then haul it home for a little culinary experimentation. After you’ve tried the following four ingredients and recipes, find something yourself by browsing J. Blake Plemmer’s list of family farms, ripe for a go at