Archetypes: Climber Ashima Shiraishi

The pint-size climber taking bouldering by storm

(Wayne Lawrence)
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CV: Daughter of Japanese immigrants. Took up bouldering in Central Park at age six. Climbed Crown of Aragorn, in Hueco Tanks, Texas, a V13 bouldering problem that’s one of the most difficult routes ever climbed by a woman, at age ten. Now spends 20 hours per week training at the Brooklyn Boulders climbing gym. Won the American Boulder Series Youth National Championships in March. Excels at woodworking class. Collects stickers.

Two: Number of documentaries that have featured her.

Up Next: Junior high. But first, a climbing trip in Switzerland.

Why Being Young Rules: “You get to go to parks that have age limits and are only for kids. And water-gun fights. It’s humid in New York in the summer, so we have a lot of water-gun fights.”

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