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Just Another Cycling Enthusiast

A little perspective on the Strava phenomenon

Strava: tracks all your rides, sets personal records, and send you annoying emails. (Courtesy Strava)
Photo: Courtesy Strava

A little perspective on the Strava phenomenon

Hitler is no laughing matter—but admit it, it’s kind of funny to think that Strava could have turned one of the planet’s most callous and brutal men into a despondent, blathering sack of excuses. And, based on personal experience (as a Strava user, not a callous, brutal man), it’s probably true.

I like to say that I don’t care about Strava. I mean it. Mostly. But the fact is I don’t think anyone likes those damned email notifications. “Uh oh! Your SOB friend just stole your KOM!” The tone is so condescending. But then the Strava copywriters obviously realized that and tried to end on a light, chirpy note. “Now get out there, have fun and be safe.”

Have fun? Be safe? Are you kidding me? I’m going to get out there and rip that guys legs off. And if I crash my 12-pound carbon bike in the meantime, so be it.

Maybe I am a callous, brutal little man after all.

Still, I did laugh out loud at this line: “It must have been the pro peleton (sic) that rode through. They used to train here back in the day.” Believe it or not, but I’ve heard more than one friend in the industry, with straight face and earnest voice, use this line almost verbatim. I didn’t know whether to laugh or shake my head or both.

I liked it as an excuse though. So I tested it out a little while afterward on my wife. She fell on her back and cackled so hard that she almost choked and I had to get her a glass of water. I had to laugh with her. After all, the truth is I am, gasp…just another cycling enthusiast. Aren’t we all?

Now get out there, have fun and be safe.

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