Covet: Packable Camping Cot

Your days of sleeping on the ground are over.

Chair-turned-cot.    Photo: Helinox

Ready to go.

Don’t sleep on the cold ground this winter, and don’t pack in a clunky old cot, either. Instead, check out the Helinox Cot One, which becomes available in April.

At just over four pounds, the Cot One is light enough to carry on a camping trip and small enough to fit in a pack. It’s taught enough to bounce a quarter on, but still comfortable and supportive for folks up to 320 pounds.

Bonus: Even without looking at the directions (which are  printed on the cot), it only took a minute to assemble. The cot uses aluminum tent poles and architecture, so if you can pitch a tent, assembly for the Cot One will be intuitive.

Complete the set up—and maximize your chillaxing—with the Chair One and Table One.


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