An Insanely Light Snowshoe

This ancient design goes high-tech

An Insanely Light Snowshoe
The Fimbulvetr snowshoe is light, strong, and durable. ()

Snowshoes have been evolving for 6,000 years, but it wasn’t until this season that they became truly high-tech.

Enter the Fimbulvetr, a lightweight snowshoe made from a thermoplastic elastomer most often used in car engines and shock absorbers. It also happens to be very strong, very durable, and 100-percent recyclable, according to the Norwegian company that makes the product.

Using 3D modeling, each 1107-gram snowshoe is shaped into an asymmetric, lightweight unibody. The honeycomb pattern allows for maximum flotation, while the patented all-direction hinge gives you solid traction and support.


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