A Handmade Hunting Knife

Functional art you can whittle with.

This is the kind of knife you'll pass on to your grandchild.

The Norwegian Helle knives are functional works of art—and the curly birch-handled Tor is no exception.

One of Helle’s hunting knives, the Tor has a smooth wooden 4.3-inch handle with leather inserts for contrast. The handle is deep but narrow, with a generous contoured grip that feels natural when you hold it in your palm.

The knife’s 4.2-inch stainless steel blade is strong and I found it held an edge whether I was whittling, whipping up a backcountry feast, or cleaning the day’s catch. The leather sheath has a bear paw cutout at the mouth, and hangs from an adjustable leather belt loop.

The Tor is the tool you’ll take with you on countless adventures and that you’ll someday give to your child—or grandchild.

$169, helle.no

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