Keep Dry in a Downpour

The rain jacket for cold, wet training sessions

This new rain jacket from Rapha will protect you during the coldest, wettest training sessions.

There is nothing glamorous about getting caught in a torrential downpour on your bike. It’s cold, wet, and can be scary slick. But if you’re serious about training, there are times when you just have to ride in the rain.  

Thanks to Rapha’s new lightweight, trim-fit rain jacket, those miserable sessions are slightly more bearable. I found the company’s old rain jacket protected me during drizzles in the Italian Alps, cloudbursts in Vermont, and windy rides in Idaho. The newest iteration is even better, with waterproof and breathable fabrics seam taped to keep you dry even during serious storms.    

Rapha added 3-ply fabric on the sleeves to make the jacket feel less clammy on your skin. The new version is lightweight and packable—it fits easily into a jersey pocket, and I found I still had room for a tool and a bar.

The reflective left armband is a Rapha signature. The trim and logo are also reflective, and the zipped front side pocket will accommodate a wallet or other valuables. My favorite feature? The offset zip that won’t chafe your chin on cold, blustery days.


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