Save a Soaked Phone

Better than a bag of rice.

This bag could save your hydrophobic electronics after a dunking.

We’ve all done it—dumped a cup of coffee onto our laptop or dropped a phone into a lake. You may even have tried stuffing the wet device into a box of Uncle Ben’s rice or poured the grains onto your keyboard vainly hoping to save it from annihilation. Hint: it never works.

What does work is the moisture-absorbing Bheestie. A zip-top bag that comes with two pouches of industrial strength, hydrophilic beads, Bheestie is the best solution I’ve found to those emergency dunkings. 

Leave your drenched phone, camera, laptop or any other electronic device in the Bheestie for up to 72 hours, and it will come back to life. You can also use the bag for eight- to 24-hour stints when the gadget just needs some routine maintenance—even a humid day or a sweaty run can corrode electronic circuitry. The beads are encased in a moisture-permeable pouch so they won’t gunk up the item you’re trying to dry. 

How do I know the Bheestie works? In the last year, I’ve dropped my phone into the toilet three times. I lost one phone to the first dunking, but a Bheestie saved the mobile after the second and third plunges.

The Bheestie, which comes in two sizes, has never released moisture back onto my dry stuff. Plus, the indicator beads inside the pouch go from blue to gray telling me when I need a new bag. At less than $30, this is a pretty great insurance policy.


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