The Next Energy Bar Revolution: Real Meat

The original energy bar is back with Epic, Omnibar, and Tanka Bar

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   Photo: Courtesy of EPIC

It powered Shackleton, Mallory, and Amundsen, and now dehydrated meats are being pressed into energy bars. They’re just as easy to stash in a pack or pocket for a long run or hike, and they’re usually higher in protein. The only bone of con-tention: the taste. You’ll either love it or hate it.

Epic: A mix of meat, nuts, and dried fruit—and that’s about it. This Paleo-inspired snack has something most trail foods lack: omega-3 fatty acids. Available in bison, beef, and turkey. ($8.50 for three bars)

Omnibar: According to Brent Ruby, the physiologist behind Omni, the bars are designed with the precise nutritional balance of complex carbohydrates and protein for optimal energy synthesis. Made from Montana-raised beef, they’re intended for sustained activity—four hours or more. Comes in four flavors, including roasted peanut and mango curry. ($3)

Tanka Bar: A sweeter, softer take on beef jerky. Think organic bison plus cranberries—a recipe based on the Lakota food wasna, a type of pemmican. ($3)

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