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The Perfect Home Gym

Time to chuck the ab-blaster and sell the ellipti-trainer. All you need for your ultimate home fitness center are these key essentials.

(Photo: Inga Hendrickson)
Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll trai Crossrope ¬Complete set DragonDoor Russian kettlebell Metolius Wood Grips training bo TRX Home kit YogaJack One mat Trigger Point Grid foam roller home gym workout best winter workout

Cardio: Rev Your Engine

1. Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer: Thanks to the pivoting frame, the Rock and Roll mimics the road, so both your legs and your cycling-­specific core muscles get a workout. ($579)

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Winter Fitness Tips Home Gym

2. Crossrope ­Complete set: ­Seven interchangeable ropes, from two ounces to three pounds, clip into steel-ball-bearing handles and will get you Floyd Mayweather fast in no time. ($139)

Rx: Ride for an hour on the Kinetic or jump rope for 20 minutes three times a week. Set to ­increased resistance, the Kinetic is also great for high-intensity intervals.

Weight Training: Strengthen Your Frame

3. DragonDoor Russian kettlebell: It comes in a range of weights, but the 35-pound cast-iron classic is favored by strongmen everywhere. ($108)

4. Metolius Wood Grips training board: More versatile than a pull-up bar, this compact hang board also lets you perform a variety of climbing-specific exercises. ($70)

Rx: Ten kettlebell clean-and-presses per arm, followed by ten pull-ups. That’s one set. Do three of them three times per week.

Full-Body Workout: Train Your Muscle Chain

5. TRX Home kit: A do-it-all device that hangs from any doorway in your home and stashes in a drawer. ($200)

Rx: Instructions for six basic exercises are included. Do them twice a week for a full workout.

Injury Prevention: Bomb-Proof Yourself

6. YogaJack One mat: Wider, longer, and thicker than most mats, with a nonslip surface for steady traction during sweat-inducing workouts. ($70)

7. Trigger Point Grid foam roller: Varying densities along the Grid’s length are designed to mimic a masseuse. Available in three sizes. ($40)

Rx: Begin your workout with 15 minutes of yoga moves. End it by targeting your calves and quads for five minutes with the roller.

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From Outside Magazine, Feb 2014
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Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson