The North Face Ice Project

Finally, a great way to organize your ice climbing gear.

The North Face Ice Project is a great way to organize your gear at the crag. (Courtesy of The North Face)

You need a lot of gear to ice climb. Most of us throw crampons, screws, boots, harness, helmet, slings, ‘biners, rope, and everything else we’ll want at the cliff into a big bin in the back of the car. We’ll later load the stuff into a pack to haul to the base of the climb. 

The North Face aims to streamline that process. The company created the Ice Project, an ice cragging pack that lets you actually organize all of your gear. Designed with input from superstar mountaineer Conrad Anker, the tub-style pack easily holds boots as well as two sets of axes. Crampons get their own pocket.

The pack has a removable ice-screw holder that protects delicate threads. The front panel, which comes with a special stuff pocket for extra layers, unfolds into an insulated pad you can sit on while booting up. The exterior has backpack straps, plenty of handles, and a ski pack-style helmet carry.


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