The World's Best Spartan Racer Shares His Training Secrets

The obstacle racing phenom on how he stays fit to compete

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   Photo: Benjamin Rasmussen

Cody Moat's Vital Stats

Age: 34
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 145 pounds
Fillmore, Utah


Moat burst onto the obstacle-racing scene in late 2012, when he swept both events at the Spartan Race World Championships. First he edged out race favorite Hobie Call to win the Beast, a 13-plus-mile trek up and down Vermont’s Killington ski mountain, and then he won the Ultra Beast, a second lap on the same course. A father of four, Moat is not a full-time pro—he teaches drafting and carpentry at Fillmore’s Millard High School—but he often trains just as hard. Here’s how he’s preparing to defend his Spartan title this September.

Mountain Man: “I hit the mountains for runs, all on trails. It’s better than roads, because you’ve got the terrain, the rocks, steep hills—the natural obstacles.”

Jack of All Trades: “One or two days a week, I do specific obstacle training—rope climb, spear throw, big-tire flip, and a seven-foot wall that I climb over. I have a tire I pull across the grass and a bucket with a big rock that I carry.”

Pushing It: “I do a lot of burpees and push-ups. And I’ll do pull-ups on the grandstands at the school’s track.”

Eyes Open: “During my first Spartan Race I ran with Hobie, the favorite, the entire way. When he’d go over a wall, I saw how he did it. I noticed how he went over the nets. I pretty much just copied him, which seems like good strategy for a newcomer.”

Shifting Gears: “Monday is my speed day. Tuesday is usually an easy run. Wednesday I do a medium run. Thursday is speed again with obstacles, or sometimes just obstacles. And then Friday and Saturday I like to hit the mountains for long runs.”

Cool Down: “I get up at about 5:15 train. I do schoolwork with my kids at night. There’s no time to sit down and watch TV. I figure this racing thing probably won’t last forever.”

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