Bergaffe Multi-Functional Tool System

A simple tool with lots of possibilities.

A simple tool with lots of possibilities.

Thanks to a team in Austria, you might no longer have to stuff a shovel, a rake, a tripod, and a GoPro action stick in your backpack. Their solution is called Bergaffe—essentially a tube that can attach to other tubes that can attach to tools. It’s a basic system with endless possibilities.  

The main component is a lightweight tube that can be screwed onto other tubes, letting you lengthen your shovel or heighten your tripod. You can also make a bench to hold your snowboard or you can opt for "The Buck," thin metal antlers that can hold your hat or other wet gear after a day on the slopes. To get the most out of the prototype system, you'll need to invest in a few tubes and additional tools.

We’re excited to see how this Kickstarter campaign turns out.


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