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Wagner Custom Skis

Design your perfect boards.

Design your perfect ski with Wager. (Photo: Courtesy of Brett Schreckengost)

Think Ted Ligety and Mikaela Shiffrin buy their skis directly off the rack? Think again. Professional racers fine-tune every last detail of their skis to ensure they’ll perform in a variety of conditions.    

The Queensland Walnut topsheets from Wagner Custom Skis.

And thanks to Wagner Custom Skis, you too can tweak your boards just like the pros.  

Colorado-based Wagner, the manufacturer of the world’s most customizable skis, is known for blending art and science. Since 2006, the company has recorded the properties of every commercially made ski to help its designers home in on what’s best for each skier. 

The company even uses the Microsoft Windows 8 Winter Sports app to track your speed, air time, preferred terrain, vertical feet, and total on-snow time. Wagner then takes this data to help make your perfect ski.

Skis start at $1,750;

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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Brett Schreckengost