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Arcade Belts

Purpose-built for active people

(Courtesy of GP Martin)

Arcade makes nearly perfect belts—they’re washable, dryable, durable, stretchy, and they have a buckle you can wear through airport security. Simply put, they’re really good at keeping your pants up. With its products purpose-built for active people, the company has developed a cult-like following.

Take the black and red plaid Atwood, one of Arcade’s original belts. Made with a slim, commercial-grade polymer buckle and super tough elastic, it will likely last you for many seasons. 

Arcade will debut three new styles of belts very soon: braided—the company’s strongest elastic belt to date; hybrid—a mix between a leather belt and an Original; and minimalist suspenders. The company is also rolling out a subscription belt program soon. For a flat fee (price to be determined), fans can get new designs and signature swag delivered to their door every month. One size fits all.

Starting at $24,

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