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The Best Knives and Multitools

Get that extra edge with the best knives and multitools

Look sharp. Clockwise from top: Benchmade Volli, Gerber MP1, W.R. Case and Sons Amber Bone SS Hobo, SOG Key-Knife and Victorinox Swiss Army Bike Tool. (Photo: Inga Hendrickson)

Benchmade Volli 

The sell: At 4.3 ounces and half an inch thick, it’s a slimmer, lighter traditional knife.

The delivery: The Volli is perfect for those who prefer a long blade (3.3 inches) but still want something that slips easily into a pocket. Thanks to Benchmade’s smooth Axis-Assist mechanism, the blade springs open and locks in place with just a flick of the thumb stud. $165.

Victorinox Swiss Army Bike Tool

The sell: Everything a cyclist needs in one small package. 

The delivery: Victorinox’s first nod to bicyclists is modeled on its Swiss Army knives. The 3.5-ounce Bike Tool features snap-off tire irons, a five-millimeter Allen wrench, a magnetic universal bit driver, and five driver bits. It’s enough to tackle 95 percent of bike adjustments. $48.

Gerber MP1

The sell: An ultralight, do-it-all multitool. 

The delivery: The MP1 manages to be both highly versatile and user-friendly. The mix of a dozen well-built tools includes spring-loaded pliers, three blades, two flat-head screw-drivers, and a bit driver. Somehow, all that utility folds into a slim, smartly engineered case and still weighs in at an impressively light eight ounces. $115.

SOG Key-Knife

The sell: A slim, sturdy blade in a stealthy, key-shaped sheath.

The delivery: The minimalists in the office fought over this one. Only about as thick as a couple of house keys, the Key-Knife weighs less than an ounce and has a 1.5-inch folding blade that locks in place. Just remember to remove it from your ring before heading out to catch your next flight. $13.

W.R. Case and Sons Amber Bone SS Hobo

The sell: A carving knife and cutlery set in a handsomely jigged handle.

The delivery: Like any good knife in its category, the Amber Bone SS Hobo includes a collapsible fork and spoon. It’s also extremely well built: the implements are stainless steel, and the action is crisp and clean. Use it as a pocketknife, or break it into three pieces for a whole mess kit. $90.

From Outside Magazine, Mar 2014
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Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson
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