Function Kit Gear Duffle

Luggage that’s TSA-proof

Meet the world's toughest duffle. (Courtesy of Function)
Photo: Courtesy of Function

Dyneema is one of the world’s strongest, thinnest, lightest fibers. It’s used in body armor, motorcycle apparel, and life-saving rock climbing equipment. If there’s a piece of gear that sees a lot of wear and tear, it’s likely made from Dyneema.  

Frequent flyers know where this is headed. Luggage made with the tough material is especially well suited to withstand almost anything the TSA decides to throw at it. Ever had your underwear arrive one piece at a time strewn across other travelers’ bags? Now you see why a Dyneema duffel makes sense.

Function’s single-cavity monster duffels are made from Dyneema, nylon webbing, and tough YKK zippers. Big enough to hold an absurd amount of gear, they’re abrasion-proof—they won’t tear regardless of whether the abuse comes from a packed ice tool or a sadistic ground crew.

The bag folds down to the size of an envelope when empty, making it an exceptional spare pack big enough to fit any last-minute purchases. The duffels are made in Colorado, and are available now in 70L ($240) and 120L ($290) sizes.

From $240,

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