Jawbone UP24

Jawbone makes its excellent fitness tracker Android-compatible.

Android users can now take advantage of the UP24's cool features. (Courtesy of Jawbone)
Photo: Courtesy of Jawbone

Late last year, Jawbone launched one of the best fitness trackers on the market—the UP24. The only catch? It was an iOS-only device. But now the company is expanding support to the Android platform, and techies of all stripes can get in on the fun.

Jawbone also released a corresponding app—UP 3.0—for Android users so they can take advantage of the gadget's new features, including Bluetooth-capability.  

Regardless of which mobile-phone temple you worship in, the UP24 is a fantastic fitness tracker. The water-resistant, lightweight, comfy device records your steps, sleep time, and calories—and now wirelessly transmits that information to phones running Android and iOS software.

The revamped app synthesizes all this information to draw conclusions about your daily and nightly activities, and then suggests daily goals based on those patterns. Like some popular alarm apps, the UP24 will help you wake up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle, and you can even scan the barcodes of snacks and beverages to track your diet.

The UP24's battery lasts about seven days and recharges in approximately 80 minutes via a USB port. You can choose between red and black and small, medium, and large sizes.

While the device doesn't have a screen so you can check results at any time, Jawbone's expanded mobile compatibility should help mitigate that issue. 

$150, jawbone.com

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