Yoga Bags to Carry Beer—Not Mats

So your PBR can go incognito.

Burton's Beeracuda in the "Alternative Yoga" print.

Close your eyes, relax your muscles, take a deep breath, and then crack a cold one. 

Burton’s Beeracuda insulated beverage sling—which looks like a yoga mat holder—is clearly the pet project of a designer who knows his mula from his bandha. To use before, after, or during class, the bag can keep five cans cool at any time. There’s also a koozie on the shoulder strap for a sixth open roadie. 

Burton calls its not-so-subtle beer print “Das Cuda,” but the Beeracuda will also be available soon in fishing and Hawaiian themes. When you’re practicing hot alternative yoga, you can upgrade to the double barrel sling, which accommodates 11 cans. And no, the Beeracuda won’t hold your yoga mat.


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