A Surfboard You Can Travel With

Timbertek's packable Baked Potato is a tough and tiny surfboard

Timbertek Baked Potato (Inga Hendrickson)
Photo: Inga Hendrickson Timbertek Baked Potato Surfboard Surfing Surf

Traveling with surfboards is a chore. They're bulky and fragile, and you have to bring more than one to accommodate whatever the ocean throws at you. Enter the Timbertek Baked Potato. Made from a standard EPS blank wrapped in three millimeters of sustainable paulownia wood, it's both stronger and lighter than a traditional board. The Potato builds on the recent trend of high-volume, shorter boards designed for the average guy but ups the performance factor, so it can be surfed in waves from knee-high to overhead. Despite its chubby profile, the turned-down rails combine with a deep V in the bottom to allow for super-smooth rail-to-rail transitions. And a rounded diamond tail and wide-set fins give the board drive without letting it slide out in bigger surf. A finishing coat of plant-based bio-resin extends the enviro cred, but it's the strength and versatility that make us want to take the Potato everywhere. 5'3" x 21¼"; from $740.

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