Oakley Updates a Classic

An iconic pair of sunglasses make a comeback.

Oakley's Frogskin LX sunglasses: a blast from the past. (Photo: Grant Cornett)

When I tell people that I haven’t changed much since the eighth grade, they usually laugh. But I’m not kidding. I still like the same things I did as a prepubescent Midwestern boy—tennis, Saskatchewan, strawberry-rhubarb pie. When I instinctively crank the radio to “Electric Avenue,” I’m reminded of how little I’ve actually evolved.

This happened the other day, too, when I first glimpsed Oakley’s new Frogskin sunglasses. Seeing them, I recalled the summer when E.J., an older and infinitely more worldly neighbor of mine, showed up to baseball practice with a pair of the original Frogskins. If there was anything cooler than those translucent frames and gleaming purple-mirrored lenses, it had yet to arrive at the local mall. The new ones, called the Frogskin LX, are even more impressive. The lenses are now polarized, and the handmade acetate frames are sleeker. Otherwise they’re pretty much the same. I bet E.J. bought a pair, too.

From $120. 

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Lead Photo: Grant Cornett
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