Copper Cube Tree House

Take refuge under an ancient oak

Copper Cube Tree House
(Photo: Markus Bollen )

You will relish the simple life in this lakeside tree house near Berlin. This self-sufficient four-legged home is the weekend retreat you’ve longed for.

The wooden terrace embraces the ancient oak that supports it via steel cables. You’re about 15 feet above the ground here, so soak up the great views and breezes. You can touch the tree’s canopy through any of the cube's windows. Even the stars seem within reach through the skylights.  

Architektur Baumhaus Natur Kupfer treppe Baumstamm Eiche Terrasse Wald
(Photo: Markus Bollen )

On chilly evenings, warm up in the copper-clad cube with all the amenities that an adult tree house should have—heat, electricity, bath, and shower. (The utility lines are cleverly hidden within one of the stilts.) There are plenty of inviting lounges, all masquerading as storage units.

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