Gerber Bear Grylls Card Tool

A pocket-size survival device

Gerber Bear Grylls Card Tool

With Gerber’s Bear Grylls Card Tool in your pocket, you never have to worry about being unprepared again. 

The tool—which is about the size of a credit card—features all the emergency survival basics former special forces officer Grylls demands in the backcountry. The steel-backed card houses a 1.5-inch fixed-blade knife, while a Phillips screwdriver lets you make quick gear repairs in the field.

The 2.7-ounce tool also has a compact ferrocerium rod to help start a fire if you run out of matches. Top it off with a water-resistant LED light and rulers (with both metric system and standard units), and you have a pretty handy little gadget.

Oh, yeah, and there’s a bottle opener—likely the tool that will get the most use. Available now.


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