Prologo CPC Gloves

The most comfortable cycling gloves on the planet?

Prologo CPC Gloves

Before you try on the Prologo CPC gloves, one thing stands out—the price. The fingerless model costs $100. Even by Assos standards, they’re spendy, and Assos sells a $520 bib.

Take a quick look at the CPC’s palms, though, and you’ll see where the money is going: countless tiny, upright cylinders that vary in size and are built from elastic polymer. Diameters range from the size of a pin tip to a pinhead and they’re about as deep as a dime is thick. Dubbed Connect Power Control (CPC), the cylinders all but completely remove road buzz transmitted from crappy tarmac. And the no-slip keeps your digits right where you want them, even when you have sweaty palms.

Cadillac-plush with Carrera-performance, it’s no surprise some F1 drivers also use a version of CPC technology, which has a pretty cool backstory. The tech was first developed for soldiers who rappelled out of helicopters and needed to be able to stop in a hurry.

The summer-weight gloves are cool enough for the hottest rides, but this lightweight fabric may adversely affect durability. And all those cylinders on the palm make you think twice about rubbing a tire after going through debris that could cause a flat.

Those imperfections aside, it’s tough not to come to the same conclusion as I did after six weeks of testing: Prologo CPC gloves may well be the most comfortable cycling gloves on the planet.  

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