Bend to Baja: A Surfing Trip

Beachfront mornings in Mexico

Spring of 2005 in Baja, Mexico (Jeff Johnson)
Photo: Jeff Johnson Surfing Baja OutsideOnline Viewfinder Van life

In the spring of 2005, Keith Malloy and I did a 40-day road trip from Bend, Oregon, all the way to the tip of Baja, Mexico, in a truck powered by bio diesel and vegetable oil. We convoyed with friends and met up with a ton of colorful characters along the way. We surfed, we climbed, we slept in the dirt. I documented the trip in my first book, Bend to Baja.

The morning I took this shot, I woke up to check the surf and was surprised to see four feet sticking out of my friend's camper. I could only guess whose they might have been. 

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