This small gadget transforms what it means to communicate off-the-grid

The goTenna could revolutionize how you stay safe in the backcountry. (goTenna)
Photo: goTenna

This new two-ounce gadget offers an innovative approach to off-the-grid communication and safety. Paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth, the wiener-sized goTenna allows you to send text messages and share your location to others in your party in places where there’s no cell or WiFi service.

By using long-range radio waves, goTenna can send messages up to 50 miles, though terrain usually limits the range to much shorter than that. There’s no subscription required—think of it as a way to turn your phone into a texting walkie-talkie. It’s an ideal tool for any group trip to places where cell service is limited, from wilderness areas to ski resorts. The caveat: you can only send messages to other goTenna users.

Made out of metal and nylon, it's water-resistant and dust-tight. You’ll never be a slave to cell towers, WiFi, or satellites again.


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