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A 22-room mobile home designed to tackle the planet’s toughest roads.

To honor the dreams of his young daughter, Kira, Bran Ferran created the biggest, most badass camper van you’ve ever seen. Ferran wanted a vehicle to tackle the planet’s roughest terrain in a safe, comfortable way. His solution: the KiraVan.

The KiraVan Tractor—a modified Mercedes Unimog U500NA with a six-cylinder high efficiency turbo-diesel engine and a four-door crew cabin—has plenty of power to handle the KiraVan Trailer, which serves as a deluxe base camp when parked at camp.  

Put the two machines together, and you get a 22-room mobile house that’s 31 feet long and more than 10 feet high. It comes with interior cameras, an air drone to check traffic ahead, Kevlar tires, and enough storage space to equip you for 2,000 miles. Plus, the burly suspension system can handle 45-degree slopes, or a double-black diamond ski run at Jackson Hole.


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