Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub

Base camp just got a good deal more luxurious.

Upgrade your base camp with the portable hot tub from The Original Nomad. (Courtesy of The Original Nomad)
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Ever wish that after a long day of hiking you could soak your bones in a hot tub? We sure have.

Enter the Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub, a portable, 225-gallon vinyl hot tub that would be a sweet upgrade to your next campsite. The tub has a 60-inch diameter and measures 24 inches high, but packs down into a 16x16-inch dry bag.

To set up the tub, the Nomad team recommends you pick a site close to a water source and then use Honda’s WX10 lightweight water pump (or something similar) to fill it.

Once the hot tub is full, a stainless steel heater coil heats and circulates the water. The coil, fueled by either propane or firewood, can heat 100 gallons of 50-degree water to 100 degrees in about an hour.  

$650 for the tub and frame; $725 for the water heater coil,

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