Fiji by Boat and Snorkel

One month exploring the reefs

(Photo: Morgan Maassen)
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When I got the offer to photograph a 150-foot power sailboat as it circumnavigated Fiji, my answer was, obviously, a resounding yes. But I got playful with the terms and conditions, asking if I could bring my two best friends along—to act as models, of course. After some back-and-forth, my friends and I found ourselves flying to Fiji to embark on a month-long adventure of a lifetime.

As soon as we reached the boat, we set sail for the barrier reefs around Fiji, where we encountered some of the most vibrant, unmolested coral reefs I've ever seen. While the goal of our journey was to find surf, we ended up spending days exploring those ecosystems, taking in everything from the massive brain corals to the countless sea snakes.

TOOLS: Nikon D700, 16mm f/2.8, f/2.8, 1/1250 second, ISO 320

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Lead Photo: Morgan Maassen
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