Glassy Pro Surf Watch

It might actually improve your surfing.

There's only so much a watch can do when you're right in the tube, but the Glassy Pro has some great features for your pre- and post-ride. (Glassy Pro)
Photo: Glassy Pro

Surfing is about to get a bit easier—or at least a bit more high-tech. A new smartwatch called the Glassy Pro, currently in development, is designed to improve your surfing. 

Even if it doesn’t deliver on that promise, we have to admit the watch is packed with cool features. Once you arrive at the beach, a GPS chip identifies exactly where you are. When you’re out on the water, the gadget records details such as the speed of the wave, the number of waves you’ve ridden, total distance covered, and your time on the board.

If you’re in a group, everyone can connect over Bluetooth to compare results or see a ranking for who’s logged the best runs. At home, sync up with the existing Glassy Pro surf tracking site and share your results. There’s also a mobile app for iPhone iOS and Android phones. 

One of the watch’s coolest features? A weather forecast and surf predictor, designed to take some of the guesswork out of deciding when to surf. There are no details yet about the watch colors or sizes, but the campaign to help fund the gadget begins this September.


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