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Always Carry a Camera

Whistler, British Columbia

(Photo: Dylan Furst)
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As the country begins to reopen, we'll keep publishing news to help you navigate the state of travel today (like whether travel insurance covers the coronavirus), as well as stories about places for you to put on your bucket list once it's safe to start going more far-flung.

I was relaxing on a lake near Whistler last summer, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a person standing in the trees. Not sure what was going happen next, I grabbed my camera and zoomed into the max focal length on my lens. I snapped this frame just as the man reached his peak on what looked to be a new rope swing. The original photo wasn't great because I was so rushed, but I was able to edit it in post production and share this awesome summer moment. 

TOOLS: Canon 6D, 24-105mm, 1/200 second, f/7.1, ISO 800

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Lead Photo: Dylan Furst
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