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Say Goodbye to Foggy Ski Goggles

And hello to the F-Bom, the world's first snow goggles with active anti-fog technology.

The F-Bom goggles really are the f'ing bomb. (Courtesy of Abominable Labs)

Skin up a mountain or rip through the powder, and you’re going to sweat—and your goggles are likely going to fog.

That’s why Abominable Labs created the anti-fog F-Bom ski goggles. The F-Bom has a metal heating element that’s less than one billionth of an inch thick inside its Carl Zeiss lens. The transparent heater covers the entire lens, but you can’t see it.

(Courtesy of Abominable Labs)

The F-Bom has two modes when it’s powered up: high and maintenance. Turn it up to high to clear the goggles or leave it on maintenance to keep the lens fog-free in the first place. In maintenance mode, the lithium ion battery will hold a charge for about seven hours, according to Abominable Labs. If you leave the F-Bom turned off, it will hold a charge for weeks. 

Our favorite feature: bump the goggles up to max power after a face plant, and the lens melts back to full visibility in seconds. Recharge through the micro USB port. Available during the 2015/16 winter season, but you can preorder through Kickstarter now


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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Abominable Labs
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