Gear of the Show 2014: Fly6

A taillight-camera combo warns traffic of your presence—and records them if they end up getting too close.

You can't always keep cars from harassing you while riding, but you can record them in the act for later justice. (Fly6)
Photo: Fly6

With the increasing incidence of cyclist-automobile conflicts, the Fly6 gives riders a proactive way to protect themselves. In addition to warding off oncoming traffic, this 15-lumen flashing taillight houses a hi-resolution video recorder to capture everything that happens behind you. 

Road raging motorist drives too close? Pesky teenagers lob projectiles at you? Or, god forbid, a car strikes you from behind? It will all be surreptitiously caught on video that will bolster your chances of getting justice later. 

The camera captures 720p audio and video and saves it to an 8GB microSD card. Recording runs on a two-hour continual loop, with USB rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that last more than five hours. The device is weatherproof, weighs just 3.7 ounces, and ships with mounting hardware for virtually any size and shape seat post on the market.

The only catch? You have to remember to turn on the Fly6 before you pedal out.

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