Buck Knives TravelMate Kit

The only tool you need to make dinner in the backcountry

Do something big with the little you carry. (Photo: Courtesy of Buck Knives)
Buck Knives’ TravelMate Kit Buck Knives TravelMate antimicrobial sheath spatula stainless steel fork spreader grill scraper can opener bottle opener screwdriver knife backcountry chef wilderness chef camp cooking outside outside magazine outside online campfire

Leave the spatula, fork, spoon, can opener, and knife at home next time you go camping. Buck Knives’ TravelMate Kit is a do-it-all tool for wilderness chefs that fits in your pocket.

The 5.4-ounce kit comes with a knife, stainless steel fork, spatula, spreader, can and bottle opener, screwdriver, and grill scraper. The whole package, which is less than five inches long, is wrapped in an injection-molded antimicrobial sheath that’s dishwasher safe. 


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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Buck Knives
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