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Mercedes Marco Polo Camper Van

The plushest home on four wheels

Its namesake traveled in pursuit of luxury, and the Marco Polo likewise doesn't skimp on style or amenities. (Photo: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz)
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It's official: campers are no longer the sole domain of ski bums and river rats. Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with decorated mobile home crafter Westfalia to convert its Viano van into the Marco Polo camper, the plushest home on four wheels.

As you would expect from Mercedes, the Marco Polo doesn't skimp on luxuries. There are plenty of creature comforts hidden within its Santiago fabric and Lugano leather upholstery. 

Pull out the back two seats and you get a double bed with adjustable backrests. (The pop-top roof accommodates two additional people.) Next to the bed, you'll find a fully stocked kitchenette with fridge, sink, dual-burner stove top, and impact-resistant glass counters. The rear cabin houses a wardrobe closet and an illuminated mirror, while the whole interior glows with ambient LED lighting and porcelain paneling. 

The Marco Polo is more than a pretty face. Mercedes claims it gets a fuel economy of about 39 mpg (other luxury campers such as the Sportsmobile E-350 allegedly only get 16.2 mpg) and buyers can choose from three levels of four-cylinder turbo diesel engines. If you don't plan to live inside your vehicle, you can opt for the new Marco Polo Activity van, a kitchen- and water-tank-free version that gets even better gas mileage. 

Unfortunately, the Marco Polo has only been released in Germany, but with enough prodding, we might see a stateside version soon.

Marco Polo: From $69,000,
Marco Polo Activity: From $49,000

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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz
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