KTM Adventure 990

Expedition Ready

May 6, 2009
Outside Magazine
KTM Adventure 990

KTM Adventure 990    Photo: courtesy of KTM

If your map has a pin on Tierra del Fuego or, say, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the KTM ADVENTURE 990 is your rig. Despite its high riding position and 512-pound heft (57 pounds heavier than the BMW), it was the clear winner for fully loaded, all-day cruising on dirt. In slippery sand, I could effortlessly stay on top of this 990cc bike as it bucked around beneath me, and the massive shocks smoothed over stuff that would've tossed me from the Suzuki or Kawasaki. Just watch your speed: The front end felt a bit unsteady at 80 mph. $15,400; ktm.com

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