Suzuki DR650SE

Dirt Master

May 6, 2009
Outside Magazine
Suzuki DR650SE

Suzuki DR650SE    Photo: courtesy of Suzuki

Of the models we tested, the SUZUKI DR650SE was the closest thing to a dedicated dirt bike. More nimble, and 66 pounds lighter, than the Kawasaki, the Suzuki let me power up near-vertical jeep tracks and ride over almost any off-road obstacle. But as capable as it is on dirt, it's merely adequate on roads. It'll clock 80 mph all day on the interstate, but it feels best at 60 on a country road. The snappy but basic, air-cooled 650cc engine gets about 60 mpg, but the tank is tiny (just 3.5 gallons), and the seat feels like a two-by-six plank. $5,700;