Fly Fishing and Fundraising

Bar Z Riverside Ranch, Montana

C4C founder, Bill Farnum, looking for brook trout in southern Montana as the drone hovers above him. (Nick Kelley)
fly fishing drone montana

I was north of Bozeman at 10 p.m. and felt like I was going to run into a herd of deer sooner than the next mailbox. After a few dirt roads, I heard music, saw lights, and figured I’d found my spot. About twenty guys were stationed in front of the main building and seemed to be guarding a YETI cooler filled with donated beer from Montucky and Oskar Blues. 

It was the annual Casting 4 a Cure event at the Bar Z Riverside Ranch in southwest Montana. Despite being a vacation for almost everyone there, the gathering primarily serves as a fundraiser for research and to support those affected by Rett syndrome—a neurological disorder usually found in young girls that can severely impair their ability to speak, walk, and breathe. C4C has grown from just a few friends fishing on rivers in the West to the Victor, Idaho-based event this summer, which hosted 120 anglers for three days. C4C donated more than $100,000 to Rett syndrome research and family support in 2014. 

C4C is an encouraging model for fundraising. Don’t just ask for people’s money, let them be a part of something larger. All the better if that something includes an adventure outside. 

outside photography casting 4 a cure fly fishing
Wrinkle Neck Mules play a porch session after a great day. (Ryan Heffernan)

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