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How to Beat Ski Boot Funk

Banish post-slope stink with these four killer products.

Stop stench before it starts with odor-fighting oils and the right socks. (Trysil/Flickr)
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Banish post-slope stink with these four killer products.

Nothing ruins a good pair of ski boots like the smell of old ski boots. Keep them powder fresh with these four stink-busting essentials.

Fig+Yarrow Alpine Foot Butter (From $10)

fig and yarrow alpine foot butt ski boots odor fighting gear
(Fig + Yarrow)

Odor-causing bacteria doesn’t get into boots all by itself. A quick pre-sock rub down with Fig+Yarrow’s zesty balm will warm up cold toes and keep microbes in check with rosemary, fir, and tea-tree oils.

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Darn Tough Padded Cushion Ski/Ride Socks ($26)

darn tough padded cushion ski r odor fighting gear ski
(Darn Tough)

No brainer: stick with microbe-resistant wool socks. We’re partial to the ones by Darn Tough for warmth, dryness, and cush that last from dawn patrol to aprés beers.

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Moso Mini Charcoal Deodorizers ($10 for two)

moso mini charcoal deodorizers odor fighting gear ski

When the boots come off, stuff activated-charcoal sachets down into the toes. They’ll absorb nasty smells and moisture to get things fresh and ready for the next run. Baked-in stench? Let them work their magic for a week or two and be amazed.

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Mr. Black Shoe Refresh ($15)

mr black shoe refresh odor fighting ski boots gear
(Mr. Black)

If you’ve tried everything and still have a funky situation, try a few spritzes of Mr. Black’s Shoe Refresh. Enzymes help break down sweaty residue while eucalyptus oil puts an end to bacteria.

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