Sending a Glacier in the Whistler Backcountry

Rutherford, British Columbia

Josh Daiek skiing at Rutherford, Whistler B.C. (Grant Gunderson)
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The area near Rutherford, British Columbia, is a well-known spot for Whistler backcountry regulars. It's accessible by snowmobile and when the conditions are right it can produce some of the best ski days on the planet.

Toward the end of a long day shooting with former Freeskiing World Tour champion Josh Daiek, we spotted this slab of vibrant ice that seemed rideable. Daiek said he wanted to send it. Before I knew it, I was snapping pictures of him suspended against the deep blue of the glacial ice. 

TOOLS: Canon 1D Mark IV, 70-200mm, 1/1000 second, f/8, ISO 100

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