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Gear of the Show 2015: Voormi Drift Hydro

The Colorado startup wants to change the way companies make waterproof-breathable layers with its new core construction technology.

Voormi's new technology has resulted in the first truly single-layer fabric to contain an integrated weatherproofing membrane. (Photo: Courtesy of Voormi)
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Waterproof-breathable jackets. They’re the staple of every outdoor enthusiasts’ kit. And ever since Gore Tex was first invented in 1969, waterproof-breathable jackets have been made more or less the same way: you take a membrane and sandwich it in between a face fabric (the jacket’s exterior) and an internal coating or fabric (what you feel against your skin).

But now a Colorado upstart by the name of Voormi thinks it’s come up with a better way to make a waterproof-breathable layer. Instead of gluing all those layers together, Voormi says it’s figured out a way to insert the membrane directly into the fabric as it’s being knit. Doing so, the company says, allows them to create a much wider range of protective fabrics. The technology is called “Core Contruction” and Voormi says it can implement it to create everything from a polyester baselayer with a windproof membrane to a single-layer waterproof-breathable wool jacket.

These are bold claims, to be sure. As we reported on the site this month, the company claims the technology will be a “reset button” for the industry. It’s certainly familiar with the playing field—Voormi’s core team is made up of former product designers from two of the most innovative fabric companies on the planet, Polartec and Gore Tex. Will the new stuff work as well as some of our favorite jackets and layers from those two behemoth brands? We hope to test some in the field later this winter and will let you know.

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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Voormi
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