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The IcyBreeze

A cooler that does double duty as an air conditioner.

The IcyBreeze combines a cooler and a protable HVAC system for those hot summer days. (Photo: Courtesy of IcyBreeze)
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Your traditional cooler does a great job keeping beer cold. But the new IcyBreeze takes the role of an icebox one step further thanks to a built-in air conditioner designed to cool you off in the heat of summer.

The 38-quart chest keeps 49 cans of beer ice cold, while the exterior fan system blows out air that’s 35 degrees cooler than the air temperature. This three-speed fan is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to six hours on one charge. The air conditioner requires two quarts of water that circulate through a radiator. If you're not using the cooling system, the ice in your cooler will last for seven days at 90 degree temps.  

The IcyBreeze may look like it belongs on the back pages of a SkyMall catalog, but the next time you’re planning a trip to Death Valley, think about what you’d pay for those gusts of refreshing goodness.