Trakke Jero Tent

Live in the lap of Mongolian luxury.

The Trakke Jero packs flat so you can throw it in the trunk and take it on a Mongolian adventure. (Courtesy of Trakke)
Photo: Courtesy of Trakke Trakke Jero yurt Mongolia Britain England car camping tiny house outside covet

Rest easy, yurt fans. You don’t need to be a member of a nomadic tribe in Central Asia to lay your head in one. Thanks to the British company Traake, the Jero is here for anyone interested in a hip, portable shelter— and who has £4,500, or $6,845, lying around.

This structure is made out of marine plywood and offers 41 square feet of interior legroom. A cotton canvas serves as the yurt’s cover.

Probably the Jero tent’s coolest feature is how lightweight it is. Tipping the scales just shy of 250 pounds, you and your CrossFit friends won't break a sweat setting this yurt up. The Jero was also designed to pack flat, so you can take it with you in your car to the big tailgate or arrange for it to be schlepped up to your expedition’s base camp. 


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