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Gear of the Show 2015: Abominable Labs F-BOM Goggle

The coolest, most high-tech solution to goggle fog we've seen

A battery-powered heat-conductive film helps the F-Bom goggles stay fog-free all day. (Photo: Abominable Labs)

Goggle manufactures have been trying to figure out how to prevent goggles from fogging up for years. Smith has its fan system. Julbo just debuted an elegantly simple mechanical solution (it too won an award from us at this year’s winter trade shows).

But the most novel solution has got to be Abominable Labs’ F-Bom, which has an extremely thin—less than one billionth of an inch thick—transparent metal heater embedded in its lens. The technology works much like the rear defroster in you car: simply hit the button and the heating element prevents the goggle from fogging up.

You can run the F-Bom on low to prevent fogging on warm days, or kick it up to the high setting to clear the lens after a face plant or sweaty skin up the mountain. The system is powered by two nickel-size, USB-rechargeable batteries that can provide roughly six hours of heat per charge on the low setting. Avaliable this fall.

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Lead Photo: Abominable Labs
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