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Tucker & Bloom London Duffel

A father-son Nashville duo makes this lust-worthy, bombproof bag designed to stop bullets and turn heads.

The Tucker & Bloom London Duffel is made from a tighter-woven nylon than the miliary uses on its flak jackets. (Photo: Courtesy of Tucker & Bloom)
Tucker & Bloom London Duffel Outside Covet weekender Nashville September 11 Coach New York City

Great gear is made for the unexpected, not the everyday. That’s why Tucker & Bloom’s London Duffel was built to withstand rigors well beyond what you'd experience on a short trip to the countryside. Made from a ballistic nylon with a tighter weave than even the military uses in its flak jackets, this weekender can take the worst stabs, cuts, and abrasions you might stumble into.

Finished with vegetable-tanned leather—a more environmentally friendly process than traditional chrome tanning—and secured with a heavy-duty, self-healing zipper, the Tucker & Bloom London Duffel is a lust-worthy bag that should last generations. 

But the better story is the company itself. Patriarch David Bloom spent 30 years in the bag industry working for lux brands like Coach, Valentino, Hartmann, and others. After the fashion industry plummeted following September 11, 2001, Bloom floated from gig to gig before his son Case, then an aspiring artist, suggested they go into business together. Tucker & Bloom was born, and all their bags are now assembled at the team’s boutique factory in Nashville, Tennessee.


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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Tucker & Bloom
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