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Gear of the Show 2015: Under Armour Fat Tire GTX Shoes

Lightweight and bomber, these are the shoe-boots you want when the singletrack gets muddy.

Under Armour just revealed their new Fat Tire GTX shoes at Outdoor Retailer Winter 2015. (Photo: Under Armour)
under armour fat tire gtx shoe snow sports

Don't be fooled by the name. These oversize and waterproof shoe-boots aren't meant to be worn fat biking in the winter—the tire in the name refers to the outsoles, which are made from Michelin tire rubber designed to stick to rocky, loose trails like a honey badger on a beehive. They have aggressive lugs inspired by the tread pattern on a mountain bike tire.

And that's why we like them. Lightweight (just over a pound) with a BOA closure system for easy in-and-out access, they look like they'll be the ultimate winter shoe for everything from snowshoeing to winter hiking to hunting (they're also available in a camo color). Available fall 2015.

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Lead Photo: Under Armour